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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Still waiting..

A friend of mine is sending me some much needed chocolate over from the UK. The choccy here in Holland is good enough of course, it's just that I miss the stuff I used to eat back in England. So anyway, he sent this box, only this box hasn't arrived yet and that was 10 days ago. Some lucky bugger is probably sat there indulging in my lovely chocolate without a care in the world, while I'm sat here having chocolate withdrawel symptoms. Feeling sorry for me yet?

So anyway, while I'm sat here eating my tic-tacs and trying to take my mind off the box of chocolate that didn't arrive yet, I'll tell you about something else. It's about my cat, she eats bugs. I mean like mosquito's, spiders, flies, ants, wasps and more. All you have to do is yell 'BUGS' and she's there searching the walls and ceilings looking for the critters. We've found out that if you hold her up by her butt and back legs, she'll use her front paws like a venus fly trap, grasping at everything that moves. It's so funny to watch, maybe I'll shoot a video of her and show you all.

So anyway, while I continue to try to take my mind off my box of chocolates that didn't arrive yet, here's a photograph of the 'Bug Catcher'

oh and did I forget to mention, my chocolates didn't arrive yet?
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