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Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm so tired

It's mosquito season, and last night they started their 'Let's bite Mandy' campaign. I awoke to that familiar high pitched buzzing noise in my ear at around 4.00am this morning. It didn't get me, so stupidly I fell asleep again. Within minutes it was back, buzzing once again. I knew if I didn't find and crucify it, it would feast upon me. So there I was, spatula looking contraption in my hand, whacking everything that moved. It took about 15 minutes before I'd found and squished it. Finally I could settle back down and get my much needed ZZZZzzzzz.

Chocolates still didn't arrive, there's hardly a hope they'll come now. The guy that sent them to me is going to send another batch at the end of the week, this time I hope by recorded delivery, bless his lil cotton sox :)

Our household has suddenly grown, now we have 2 cuties called 'Toffee' and 'Coffee' When I'd gone to pick up Toffee, the shop assistant told me the guinea pig in the same cage as bunny Toffee had been with him since they'd arrived. Yeah soppy ol' me, couldn't resist and took them both. Pictures tomorrow! I'm too whacked to do them now.

My sister, brother-in-law and nephew arrived today from England. They told me how they'd seen 3 Asian guys boarding the plane, each carrying a small rucksack. They then proceeded to board the same train when they'd landed at Amsterdam. My sister was terrified! Apparently the police had their eye on them too and followed them quite a way in the airport. I feel so sorry for the innocent people of the Asian community but I can also understand how my sister felt and how seeing anyone closely resembling Asian appearance carrying a rucksack would make your mind race . Today was the first time I'd been on a station platform since the London bombings and I must admit my blood ran cold, and jeeez I'm not even in the Uk.

I'm going to sleep now, my eyes feel like they've done 10 rounds with Rocky.

Goodnight :)
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